B.A.S. British and American Studies publishes original articles and book reviews that have not been published elsewhere.

The views expressed in the published articles and book reviews are those of the individual contributors and not necessarily those of the editors.

Articles and book reviews should be written in English and they must be carefully formatted, according to the instructions provided in the detailed Instructions to authors. Unformatted articles and book reviews would not be considered for peer reviewing and publication.

The 1 October  of each year deadline should be strictly observed for consideration for publication in the next year’s issue of the journal.

Prior to publication, all submitted articles and book reviews are peer reviewed, according to the criteria indicated in the Peer review formB.A.S. editors do their best to ensure a fair, unbiased and timely peer review process. Author anonymity will be preserved during the process. Authors are informed about the result of the peer reviewing process by the editors and may be asked to operate changes in their initial manuscripts. Content changes are operated by the authors only. Editors reserve the right to edit all articles and book reviews for spelling, grammar and formatting.

Plagiarism, offensive language and images are not tolerated and the presence of one or all of these leads to the automatic rejection of the article. If, after the article has been published, plagiarism is pointed out to the editors and relevant evidence is provided to support it, the article in question will remain on the journal website marked clearly as fraud.

In line with the COPE International Standards for EditorsB.A.S. editors encourage reaction and response by other researchers to the published articles. When genuine errors in an article are pointed out which do not render it fully invalid, a corrected electronic version of the article will be uploaded on the journal website as soon as possible. If the errors pointed out render the whole article or extensive parts of it invalid, the electronic version of the article is removed from the journal website with an explanation as to the reason of removal.

Obtaining copyright for copyright protected materials that authors may use in their articles submitted for publication in B.A.S. is the authors’ sole responsibility.

Copyright is transferred by the authors to the journal. Authors should print the Copyright transfer form, fill it in, sign it and send a scanned copy to bas.journal@gmail.com, upon acceptance of their article for publication. Copyright authorization should be obtained from the editor in chief, Prof. Hortensia Pârlog. The authorization request should be sent to bas.journal@gmail.com.

Articles submitted to B.A.S. British and American Studies will be circulated exclusively among author, editors and peer reviewers before they are published. No access to manuscripts to any other party is permitted prior to publication.