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Dana Percec, Andreea Şerban, “To O’erthrow Law” and “O’erwhelm Custom”: Shakespeare’s Play with the Pastoral / 9

Dragoş Ivana, A Quixotic Avatar in Post-Francoist Spain: Graham Greene’s Monsignor Quixote and the Sense of Belief in the Secular Modern World / 23

Enrique Galvan-Alvarez, The Creative Construction of the Past: ‘Treasure Texts’ in Tibetan-English Novels / 33

Caroline Ann Daněk Kyzek, Music and Dance in The Great Gatsby / 43

Nataša V. Ninčetović, Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird as a Bildungsroman / 51

Cristina Chevereşan, (Indoctri)Nation: Duty, Disruption, Disintegration in Philip Roth’s American Pastoral / 61

Alexandru Budac, Dahlia’s Journey: Misplaced Affection and Visual Arts in Thomas Pynchon’s Against the Day / 71

Oksana Bohovyk, Andrii Bezrukov, Transcendent Imagination in Salman Rushdie’s Victory City: A Confrontation of Myth, Religion, History and Tradition / 81



Michael Chapman, Douglas Livingstone, Poet of a Planetary Age. Decentring Ourselves to Re-centre Ourselves / 93

Ksenija Kondali, Aleksandra Vukotić, The Fearscape of Belfast in Anna Burns’ Milkman / 105

Ileana Şora Dimitriu, In the Aftermath of a Pandemic: Lauren Beukes’s Afterland Revisited / 115

Veronica Tatiana Popescu, Updating a Classic: Progressive Hollywood’s Take on West Side Story / 125

Helga Szabó, Adaptation is Survival: Current Trends in American Film Criticism / 135

Peter Gaál-Szabó, “This is What Church is Supposed to Look Like”: The Multi-Ethnic Church, Memory, and The Post-Black / 147



Yurii Kovaliuk, Connecting Idioms and Metaphors: Where Cognitive Linguistics Meets Cognitive Stylistics / 157

Camelia Bejan, Equivalent Syntactic Patterns in the Idiomatic Expression of Emotion / 171

Eva Maierová, Colour Idioms and Business English Terms / 183

Cristina-Mihaela Zamfir, Business-Speak: Jargon and Slang Corporate Expressions Hauling around the Business Arena / 195

Oliviu Felecan, Daiana Felecan, Alina Bugheșiu, Anthroponymic Implications of Covid-19 and the Underlying Coronavirus / 205

Polina Tatsenko, Nataliia Tatsenko, Authoritarian Rhetoric: The Theories of Priming and Framing Applied in Political Discourse / 217

Nadina Vişan, Untranslatability in Regency Romances: Explicitation or Implicitation? / 233

Fatbardha Statovci, The (Im)Possibility of Literary Translation / 243

Georgiana I. Badea, Considerations on Several Aspects of Literary Translations into Romanian between 1944- 1989 / 255



Dana Percec, Once upon a Time in Ruritania. Vesna Goldsworthy. Iron Curtain. A Love Story / 271

Andreea Şerban, Sandra M. Gilbert, Susan Gubar. Still Mad: American Women Writers and The Feminist Imagination, 1950-2020 / 275